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We first introduced the KAIZEN® methodology to the world over three decades ago. Today, with more than 30+ offices operating in over 40+ countries, our team of highly trained and sought after professionals work to advance the continuous improvement body of knowledge worldwide. We research, develop, and publish various aspects of continuous improvement, while partnering with our clients and enabling them to implement sustainable improvements through our consulting, training and benchmarking activities, while guiding them on their KAIZEN journey. Our seasoned consultants and trainers coach and strategize with each client, while challenging them to be great leaders today and better leaders for tomorrow, focused on achieving and sustaining long term success in all aspects of their organization- from the front lines, to the board room…………….. Are you ready for the journey?



Kaizen Japan Tour

During this week (20-24 October), a group of 14 participants are traveling in Japan to visit KAIZEN Institute's Tour partners and to observe / learn more about KAIZEN practices. To date, the group has visited Lexus, TOTO, HOKS and OMRON. The lead KI consultant, Mr. Danie Vermeulen, says he is getting good feed back from everyone and hopes to provide more value added observations and interactions with the group, until the end of the program this Friday. There are three senior KI consultants also accompanying this group, as shown in the photo. From left, Peet Wiid (KI New Zealand), Danie Vermeulen (KI New Zealand) and Jose Pires (KI Portugal).



Masaaki Imai will be in Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, Chile and Middle East.

Masaaki Imai future appearance


October 21st – 22nd:
Wroclaw, Poland; “GEMBAKAIZEN Congress”

October 27th:
Trento, Italy; “KAIZEN 2.0 – Reflections and new tools for continuous improvement and innovation”

October 29th – 30th:
Eindhoven, the Netherlands, TBD


November 4th-5th:
Santiago, Chile; “1st International KAIZEN Lean Summit – Chile 2014”

Middle East:

December 8th:
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, TBD


Operational Excellence and Innovation to Achieve Sustainable and Profitable Growth

Kaizen Lean Summit Chile 2014

The International Kaizen Lean Summit – Chile 2014 united 6 Worldwide experts of Kaizen methodologies with the special participation of Dr. Masaaki Imai, founder of the Kaizen Institute Consulting Group. The Summit allows you to know Chilean´s and International´s companies success cases and how Kaizen help the companies on their new road to Operational Excellence.

The assistants could be in contact with all the interested ones in topics related to profitable and sustainable growth, taking benefit of the unique oportunity of listen experts and leaders of KICG Global in Chile.

To view more information please check event brochure and when you are ready register in the Kaizen Lean Summit.



A superb quality and high demand tour for unmatched learning experiences!

Kaizen Japan Healtcare Tour Benchmark Tour

November 16th (starting in Nagoya) through 22nd 2014 (ending in Tokyo)

This special tour includes hospitals as well as manufacturing and service company visits. Multiple lectures, training sessions and interactive discussions with Healthcare Specialists and consultants will enhance your learning experiences and practical implementation of the methodologies and tools.

For further information and registration please visit the Healthcare Tour page


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